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Impact Camp's Mini Camp

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Unique in Europe! "Mini Camp, the lightweight tent-trailer for motorcycles and small cars"

For interested people from Norway go to the website of Maarten's Import

Impact Camp Mini Camp

The Demo Mini Camp is present at:

No planning so far.

The Mini Camp tenttrailer is a lightweight camper. It is towable behind cars (e.g. Smart, 2CV), micro-cars, bigger motorcycles (e.g. GoldWings, BMW, FJR), trikes, quads and sidecaroutfits. But it's also easy to pull by oldtimers, kit-cars or mini vans like the Volkswagen campers * .

The set up time for the Mini Camp is only two minutes!

The Mini Camp features an easy one person setup in just two minutes.
You can easily access the large cargo area with the camper open or closed.
When fully set up this camping trailer features a large sleeping area. It measures 1,98 m (6,5 feet) deep and 1,45 m (4,5 feet) wide. Wide enough for two adults. There is more sleeping aea than air / self-inflating mattresses can provide.
To set up this popup trailer, you don't need grass at all. Just concrete, gravel or tarmac will be fine.

Prices as from € 3599,-- for the Mini Camp basic with the following features:
+ White gel coat finish
+ Luggage Rack
+ A door for easy access
+ Cushions
+ Carpet on floor
+ Stabilizer jacks
+ LED lights
+ 425 ltr luggage space inside trailer

Optional Features
Swivel hitch coupler
storage pockets for in the sleeping room
storage pockets for door attachment
A water resistent large lugagetent for beneath the lid when popped up
A surge brakesystem

Mini Camp aanhangwagen compleet met luifel en deurtje

Tenttrailer with awning (Dutch text)

Mini Camp aanhanger met voortent

Also an "Add a room" available.

Mini Camp behind a Fiat Cinquecento

The Mini Camp trailer behind a Fiat Cinquecento

The Mini Camping pop up trailer behind a Smart

The Mini Camp trailer behind a Smart

Gold Wing testing the Mini Camp tenttrailer

Gold Wing testing the Mini Camp tenttrailer

Interieur van de Mini Camp vouwwagen

Storage pockets for inside the camper (Dutch text)

It's possible to show our demo-Mini Camp campingtrailer at your (club) gatherings.
Or with an appointment we'll demonstrate you the trailer at our home address in
Oostvoorne, The Netherlands.

Contact met Impact Camp.

LINKS van Impact Camp

Impact Camp's LINKS

* = Be sure you're in compliance with the laws in the countries you are towing the Mini Camp.

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